Hey fam,
I get 5 minutes to write y`all and let you know I´m alive. I definitely stopped in the interfaith chapel in the E terminal and said a little prayer to start off this crazy adventure. and then ran into a giant group of missionaries at the gate. Probably 20 of us on the flight!! Our flight was delayed but we made it to the CCM at 4 am, got to sleep at 5, and woke up at 8. It`s a great day.
I GOT MY TAG TODAY!! It feels so real now and I am SO excited. The CCM presidents wife said that it´s my name and Christs name on my badge and that we`re in this together. I love it.
Also P day is Wednesday so I´ll write you then. :)
I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! Thanks for the cute cute notes in my bag. Yàll are the best!!! (made me cry but thats okay). Miss you and love you tons!!
Hermana Erickson
(PS cant figure out the apostrophes on this keyboard.)