The CCM is so great. I love it here!

Our district rocks. On friday we all wore floral print (skirts for us hermanas and ties for the elders) so Floral Friday is a thing now, but unfortunately I dont have a picture because we can only take pictures on P day. We are also such a good soccer team (just jokes, the other missionaries from south america wreck us every day, but its hilarious).

Every day, we practice teaching an investigator (really just our teacher pretending to be someone they know). Its all in Spanish and is so hard, but such a great experience. I learn so much Spanish and about how much God loves everyone and wants them to be happy. Im so excited to get out there and share the incredible message of the gospel.

This week I have been reading the Book of Mormon and it has been an incredible experience. I have also spent a lot of time memorizing scriptures in Spanish. The words of God and His prophets are so powerful! I feel like every time I read the scriptures for my personal study, theres something jumping out at me that is perfect for my lesson that day or just an answer to my prayer. Its amazing to feel the guidance of the spirit and know that God is helping me out.

Love yall!

Hermana Erickson

Editors Note: Hermana Erickson still hasn’t figured out the apostrophe key on the Spanish key board. It’s a thing…er, its a thing.
Here’s the entire group of missionaries I met in the Atlanta airport.
Sick turf burn from soccer. Don’t worry, I kept the ball from going out of bounds, so it was worth it…
Chicken and Rice. Siempre.
The CCM is so beautiful. Most of the places around are sorta ratchet, but the CCM is gorgeous and there are always butterflies around…like, that’s how great it is!
If you can see the TINY speck on the map, that’s my mission.
These are the casitas (little houses) where we practice our teaching. It’s the whole experience, knocking on the door and everything.