I’m officially halfway done with my time here at the MTC/CCM! (Missionary Training Center/Centro de Capacitación de Misioneros) How crazy is that?!

All the older missionaries left yesterday so now we are “avanzados” (translation: advanced) – although everyone just calls us “avocados”. The new missionaries are coming in tomorrow and I’m so excited. A lot of the American missionaries had visa problems so there are going to be a lot more Latino missionaries coming in and I’m super excited to be able to practice my Spanish with them. Learning Spanish is super hard but it’s going well and I still love the CCM :)

Highlights from this week:

  • Everyone in our zone has now adopted a country drawl/accent like 80 percent of the time.
  • My companion’s name is Hermana Shupe and she has goats at her home, therefore her name is now Hermana Shupeacabra (cabra = goat) and it’s actually the funniest thing ever.
  • My district won our soccer game against the other district on Saturday – we’re not competitive. ;)
  • Our teacher, Hermano (brother) Castillo makes us do push-ups if we say slang words so his new name is Hermano Castigo (castigo = punishment).
  • We now are teaching twice a day almost every day. It’s the hardest part of the MTC but it helps me improve so much.
  • I heard that there was so much pollution in Lima that we’d never see the sun but we’ve been blessed with so many beautiful sunsets this week. holla.

I made the goal to read the entire Book of Mormon while here at the MTC and I’m about halfway through. I absolutely love studying the scriptures every day. Alma 5:62 really stood out to me this week because that’s my exact purpose as a missionary: to invite others to come unto Christ so they can receive the joy and peace and love of God. I’m so thankful for my time here at the MTC because it’s helping me improve myself so I can be the best representative of Christ I can be and do His work.

Here’s some additional passages from the Book of Mormon. They’re straight fire!

Hermana Breen and I ended up reverse-matching today and didn’t even plan it.
Hermana Shupecabra and I at the temple :)
El Dormitorio
Our classroom where we spend all day (attempting to) learn Spanish. I love it!