Hola from the CCM for the last time! On Tuesday, March 21, our time here is up and I get to go to my actual mission! I’m beyond excited. This week has been interesting because we’re trying to learn as much Spanish as we can before we get thrown in the middle of Lima and have to talk to real people in actual Spanish. I’m nervous.

This week we left the CCM to go proselyting in the Lima East mission. We went with some missionaries from that mission and some members as well. We taught 2 lessons and then handed out pass along cards to people and invited them to church. It was so great to (attempt) to talk to people and share the gospel. [As I write this] I’ve only got 5 days left here in the CCM and then it’ll be for real all the time! (I’m only freaking out a little bit.)

Also, I had to give a talk in Church on Sunday in Spanish. The way is works in our branch: everyone knows the topic and prepares a talk beforehand, then after the sacrament, they announce who’s going to be speaking and its a surprise to everyone. So that was exciting. The topic was repentance and I love the scriptures in Mosiah 5:2 and Alma 34:30. I love repentance because it’s a chance to change and be better every day and to try and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Last week was International Women’s Day, which is apparently an actual holiday here in Peru. Our teacher, Hermana Garcia is so cute and gave us chocolate. :)


View of the turf field where we play soccer everyday.
View of the CCM
Our District at the Temple. I love these jokers!
Mi Amigo, Rodrigo. He drives the bus from the CCM to the temple every week. I always chat with him and this past week I was able to share my testimony and favorite scripture with him. He’s a homie and we’re going to miss him!