The big news this week: The Pope came to Peru! So yeah, they closed a few roads and people were a little bit more Catholic than normal but we’re hoping things die down a bit this week so we can teach our investigators the restored gospel. :)

My companion is one of the funniest people I have ever met so we’ve been cracking up all week.

We had interviews with President Larson and it was great to talk to him. He asked us to share a scripture that has helped us increase our faith. Mine is 2 Nephi 27:19-20. God can do his own work! But It is pretty incredible that he askes normal people like us to help him. I feel so blessed to be a missionary and help people come closer to Christ.

This past transfer I’ve learned so much about what is faith. We have to have really high expectations because we know that God can make miracles happen. But we also need to put in our work and do what we can so that those things happen. Elder Andersen has said that faith is a power that makes things that should happen, happen. We are trying to help change the outcome through our little efforts but ultimately I’m so grateful for all the blessings we’ve received.

Editor’s Note: The following was sent separately to Hermana Erickson’s Family, but contains a powerful message and we want to share.

Yesterday we had Stake Conference and visiting authority from Ecuador talked about missionary work and how when his daughter was on a mission her letters inspired them to be better. I hope that I can share a little bit of the spirit I feel every day with you guys through my emails. What else can I share with y’all? Is there anything I can do to help the family? I know yall are great and I love you guys so much. Please help the missionaries. They need lots of referrals, people who worry for their investigators and people to pick people up for church, to read the Book of Mormon with the investigators, to have (FHE) Family Home Evening in your house, to be the person that their investigators call when they have questions etc. I know yall are incredible, but maybe there’s something more yall can do.