The best part of the week: Jonathan got baptized! He’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever been able to teach on my mission. He accepted everything since the first day we taught him. He shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon after his baptism and it was powerful. He’s already in 2 Nephi 25 and he talked about how much he’s learned from reading the scriptures, especially how 1 Nephi 17 impacted his life. That’s the story of Nephi and his family traveling to the promised land and Nephi’s brothers tie him up and plan to kill him. Nephi just trusts in the Lord and is patient and it all works out. For real, the Book of Mormon is so powerful and is the word of God and will help you so much in your life if you just read it :))

Other than that we are working hard here in Bolivar and seeing lots of miracles as always. Pray for me that I won’t be transferred next week! :) Just jokes)

I loved an article from the Liahona this week.

One of the weaknesses we have as mortals is to assume that our “leaf” is all there is – that our truth is complete and universal. An old Yiddish expression [says], “To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish.” The gospel of Jesus Christ encompasses not only the truth of what was and what is but also the truth of what can and will be. It is the most practical of all truths. It teaches the way of the disciple – a path that can take ordinary, flawed mortals and transform them into glorious, immortal, and limitless beings whose divine potential is beyond our meager capacity to imagine. I want to emphasize that the truth embraced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints extends beyond leaves and certainly beyond horseradish. It extends beyond time and space and encompasses all truth.

I was cracking up at the part about worms and horseradish but what the article says is so true. All truth comes from God and we are here on earth to learn all we can. The gospel of Jesus Christ helps us know which truths are most important for our lives both right now and for the eternities. I am thankful for the gospel truths I know and am learning and am able to share with others, especially what we learn in the Book of Mormon! :)

Jonathan’s Baptism
Hermanas Erickson y Meroy, Jonathan, y Pablo
Hermana Erickson, Jonathan, Hermana Meroy
Comida Arequipeña (rocotto relleno, solterito, y pastel de papa)
Intercambios con Hermanas Ortiz y Tregaskes
We are getting really good at yoga!