This week was good and so full of miracles.

On Friday and Saturday, we hardly had any appointments and spent the whole day knocking doors. We were dead tired but it’s true that perseverance pays off because at the end of each day we taught some really good lessons.

I’ve been praying and thanking my Heavenly Father for being able to arrive home at the end of each day dead tired. Its because we’re happy to have been able to do HIs work that day and talk to the people who need the gospel.

On Sunday, seven people came to church with us and it was such a huge miracle because they didn’t have time during to week to meet with us or that we could coordinate with them to pick them up. But the members of this ward are the absolute best and help us so much. Love them.

We are so blessed here in Bolivar. Today marks the end of my 4th transfer here. Transfers are tomorrow and if I have to go I’ll be sad to go but excited to keep preaching the gospel wherever I need to :)


“If we don’t eat rice at home, what do we eat?”

Everyone asks me and they can’t believe that we never eat rice, but I forgot what we do eat – other than quesadillas! So, what do normal people eat (that doesn’t include rice)??

Correlación with our ward mission leader Hno Jauregi, his daughter Daniela, Lorena, Alfredo, Alfonzo, and Obispo Aldea, and the other Hermanas Chandler and Ramirez


Familia Cervantes, Haydee y Ruben. Hermana Cervantes is our pensionista and they’re the best ever. We eat lunch with them every day.
Zona Magdelena (Formal)
Las Hermanas de la Zona Magdelena
Zona Magdelena
Mas de El Distrito
El Distrito