My dad told me that instead of praying for me to stay in Bolivar, he prayed for me to be able to learn and grow…so looks like his prayers were answered because I got transferred to Rimac!!

Rimac is awesome, it’s right next to Palao, so it’s similar to my first area, there are cerros (hills?, idk?). My companion is Hermana Martinez she is from Tunja, Colombia (near Bogota), she’s been out for 13 months, 1 transfer more than me, she’s been a member for 6-ish years and is basically the only member in her family. She’s super cool and I’m so psyched to be here.

We’ve already seen so many miracles in our sector. People here are so prepared for the gospel. We contacted 2 people on the bus on 2 different occasions, and it turns out they both live in our sector, have accepted a baptismal date and came to church. It’s incredible. I love being a missionary :)

Editor’s Note: Hermana Erickson has asked several times to send her questions. Below are some questions posed along with her answers.

What smells do you most associate with Lima? hahahah trash.

What’s something different from home, but that you no longer notice in Lima because it’s everywhere and just so normal? idk, voy a pensar

What sounds do you hear as you go to sleep? dunno. I’ll pay more attention. I’m way tired though so I think I just sleep. Although it’s way hot here and we cant sleep with the window open so….

What kind of toothbrush is the best in Peru? crest? normal, that’s what I use so…

Do you buy Inca Cola for yourself? hahah no. I like it but I don’t drink that much soda. if it’s there I’ll drink it but if no, yeah, agua mejor

Who do you hope to be companions with before your or their mission ends? HERMANA VALENCIA. love her. ill think about that one too.

Last Day in Bolivar
Making alfajores with the Bazan family
Con Hermana Meroy
Consejo de Líderes con Presidente y Hermana Larson (Leadership Council with President and Sister Larson)