This week

Happy Mothers Day! It was such a blessing to be able to talk to my family. Love you all, especially the best mom in the world :)

On Friday, we were going to have intercambios but couldn’t so we had a whole day with hardly any appointments. We were just working like normal, passing investigator’s houses and talking to people. We saw a girl leaving her house and talked to her and she agreed that we could share a message with her but she asked that we wait a minute while she went to do something. We waited a few minutes and didn’t think she was coming back and started to head off, but she came back and called her mom down and we were able to teach them both about the Restoration. When we asked her if she believed that God answers prayers, she said, “Yes, becuase yesterday she was praying that God would show her what path she should take.” She said that one of her goals is to get baptized but she wants to know which is the true church so she can do it correctly. She said she was hoping that we would talk to her and then the fact that we did was a sign from God and an answer to her prayer. It was incredible! God is so good! He knows us and puts us in the right place at the right time to help others receive the answers to prayers.

Cool Wall
The District Post-Transfers
The District Pre-Transfers
People Dancing in the Park
El Cerro. All these houses are in our ward. There are so many!

Three-Continent Skype with the Family
New Companion, Hermana Ortiz