This week was awesome and so full of miracles – most of which happened thanks to the members of our ward :))

For example:
One lady just walked into the chapel and joined our lesson with Estefano out of the blue (she doesn’t know him or anything, just sat down in our lesson and wanted to share her testimony). She said when the missionaries taught her she wanted to wait and get baptized on her birthday but then she realized she shouldn’t wait because she knew it was true and had received an answer from god. She didn’t know, but this was Estefanos question too! It helped him so much and now he’s preparing to get baptized (before his birthday) :)
On Sunday, a member called us and said, “Hey Hermanas, don’t worry, I’m going to pick up your investigators, we´ll see you at church!!”
During weekly planning the name of one member popped into our mind and we thought she would be able to help an investigator, Ana, that lives close by. We ran into the member in the street on the way to the lesson with Ana and she dropped what she was doing and came with us. It turns out she is friends with Ana already, she shared her testimony and brought her to church.
We’re so blessed. God is so good.
This week I am thankful for the exampe of a loving Savior that atoned not only for our sins but also for our weaknesses and the things we want to improve. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we can be better every day and we can be happy, no matter what is happening.
Have a happy week :)
Our pensionista, Hermana Mireya, is from Venezuela and taught us how to make Bombas. They’re basically like donuts. She’s the best.

El Cerro