Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was when my companion started chasing a chicken in the Cerro and there’s a photo so there you go.

Please pray for our investigators Estefano, Jaqueline, Ana, Yoory, and Marisol so that they can come to church and get baptized :) They’re so great and need lots of prayers so they can superar (no se en ingles) [Editor’s Note: Superar = Overcome] the challenges they have. When we want to do the right thing, there is always opposition, but the good thing is that God is willing to help us; we just need to ask. Gracias!!
El Cerro #1
Hermana Cortez made me hold the chicken. I love animals, and they love me. Not.
Hermana Cortez caught this chicken…she’s obviously experienced, and probably loves animals.
El Cerro #2
Arroz con pollo y huancaina. It’s my favorite Peruvian food.