This week I’m really happy because we have seen lots of miracles and I feel like its because we are following the spirit. Its been so cool that as we plan what to do each day we plan to visit certain people and on the way we talk to someone or we talk to their neighbor and it turns out that they’re super prepared for the gospel and we are able to teach them. Also, as we pray specifically for Gods help, he really helps us. For example, we put a goal of how many new investigators we need to find and teach that day and we just tell God that we need his help to reach our goals and we’ve seen so many miracles because of this.

This week we were teaching Francisco and Ester (they’re married) and we had such a cool experience. We taught the doctrine of Christ, how we need to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end. Francisco just said, “When you come to my house, the Holy Ghost is here. Thank you.” We told him that when he gets baptized and receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he will feel that constantly, not just when we come. It was such a good experience.

Mi Compañera
Don’t tell God you have big problems, tell your problems you have a big God!
Recently departed Hermana Glassett and her whole family came back to Peru to visit. So fun!