This week has been great. Also very hard. This week my district leader told me that the end of your mission is going to be hard because God wants you to learn something else before you go home. I definitely think that’s so true. and I’m learning a lot: patience, humility, how to accept that other people have agency, how to love the dogs in the street, etc.

President and Hermana Larson already went home. I’m so thankful for them and their service and everything I learned from their examples. They have helped me see what’s possible with the Lord’s help, to have more faith, and to have more confidence in myself and in the Lord.

We had interviews with President Strong this week! I learned a lot and feel really happy and motivated to keep working even though people have agency hahaha

This week we are teaching a super great family: Julia, Alberto, and their daughter Catalina. They came to church on Sunday and want to be baptized and need lots of prayers so that they can do so as a family :)) gracias!!!