We did intercambios in Rimac 2, where I served before, it was way fun, I was really happy to be back in that area. :)

We also had training in the mission offices for all the new missionaries and us who are training. We read a talk by Elder Oaks that asks “Why do we serve?” There are lots of reasons, some better than others, but the best reason should be because we love God and we love His children. It’s something I’ve been learning a lot about here on the mission and I think with such a short time left I feel even more love for Peru and the people here. I’m so happy to be able to share the truths of the gospel with them and see how their lives change.

This week we’ve seen lots of miracles, the best one was that SO many people came to church on Sunday I was amazed. Sometimes it is super hard that people come to church but this week it was awesome and they all had a good experience so that was good.

Other than that, nothing else, just working hard.

Mariscal 1
Hnas. Erickson, Silva, Obregon, Allington
Trabajando (Working) in Our Area
I don’t know what I’m doing, just found this picture.
Ward Activity
Francisco and Ester our investigators. They came to church on Sunday. They’re so great but are moving to the USA next week, so we won’t be able to teach them further.