“Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ” -President Gordon B. Hinkley

I think this is something that has helped us a lot this week. Despite all the craziness and problems and opposition, we’ve seen so many miracles. When we realize that we alone can’t solve people’s problems and we rely on the Lord, we actually are able to help people with their needs. We are teaching so many great people whom I love so much and who are passing through such hard times as they want to do what’s right and follow Jesus Christ. I feel really blessed to be a missionary and help these people even a little bit :)

This week we also had a multizone conference and that was good, we learned a lot.

We had p-day de zona and cooked tacos so the taco seasoning from home finally came in handy! (Thanks, Mom! hahaha)

*Editor’s Note: Hermana Erickson returns to Georgia USA on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 and will leave Friday, August 17 to visit Peru as a civilian and return to school at BYU.

Go Peru! FIFA World Cup 2018
My companion had to get glasses…it was pretty funny.
P-Day de Zona
Tacos and Burritos at Zone P-Day