Hermana Erickson in Peru


I Cried

This week we had transfers, my companion Hermana Martinez left :( and now my companion is Hermana Silva! :) from Brazil. It's awesome to work with her and we have already seen so many miracles here this week. This week... Continue Reading →


All that Jazz

This week was good, the best part was General Conference!!! We are so blessed to have a living prophet and 12 apostles who receive guidance for the church. I especially liked how much they talked about how the atonement of Jesus... Continue Reading →

Repentance and Baptism

Just wanted to tell you that nobody in our ward here plays the piano and now I'm repenting for not having practiced when I took piano classes...sorry ;) This week was great. Tamara, Gabriel, and Gustavo got baptized!!! Tamara is... Continue Reading →


Cristhian got baptized this week!! He's so great. When we were visiting him this week, every scripture we read, whether the Ten Commandments or the sacrament or whatever else, when we asked him what he understood, he kept relating it... Continue Reading →

To Find True Happiness

This week: Karolaines baptism!! She's the cutest ever and has blue hair. Her aunt is a member and we've been teaching her and at first, she said she wasn't sure about what we taught her but after reading the Book... Continue Reading →

I’m a Fan

This week: Jordan got baptized! He's so great! He's 16 and plays rugby and its been so fun to teach him, he just wants to make good decisions and was super excited for his baptism, when he and Hermano Pezo... Continue Reading →

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