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Book of Mormon

Faith and Confidence

Hola fam

We are so blessed here. This week was so good and full of miracles.

My new comp is Hermana MEROY!! We were in the CCM together!! She’s 25, from Batangas, Philippines and has been out for 14 months because she served for 3 months in the Philippines while waiting for her visa to allow her to come to Peru. It’s so much fun. We were in the same district in the CCM and she’s hilarious.

This week I’m learning a lot about faith and how the confidence we have in God should make us act. Yesterday in church someone said we should work to make sure our prayers get answered. Today, our zone is sacrificing P day to work so that we can see more miracles and help more people :) We’re excited!

PS: Funny Story. Sometimes people think that when the missionaries come over to eat they have to prepare everything so fancy or whatever but yesterday we ate with the Bazan family– they’re super cool and it reminded me of you guys. Because after lunch they just passed around spoons and a jar of Nutella and were like “Go for it.” I was cracking up. miss yall :)

I found a Thai Book of Mormon in the other sister’s apartment

Real Intent

We went to the temple with some of our converts and with the ward to do baptisms for their family members! It was awesome. Everyone in our ward is so great to help the new members and to be able to go to the temple with them was super special.

Presidente and Hermana Larson came with us to teach some lessons! It was awesome. They’re so cute and just testified with such a strong spirit in our lesson.

Fernanda got baptized! Her brother, Francisco got baptized last week! Fernanda was having lots of questions and doubts and such and didn’t know if she wanted to be baptized. So we were there teaching her in the stairwell of their building (we can’t enter a house if there’s not another adult woman there) about real intent and receiving answers from God. Real intent is more than just really wanting an answer, it means you say that when He answers you, you’re going to do His will, even if it’s not the answer you wanted. We read DyC 9:8-9 and talked about how God answers prayers through the Holy Ghost and invited her to pray. We were just kneeling there in the stairwell and she says the most humble sincere prayer ever and the spirit was so strong, there are no words to describe it and she just said she was ready to be baptized the next day!! It was an incredible experience. These kids are such a good example of faith and humility and trusting in Gods will.

It’s Hermana Clarks last week so we are crying but that’s fine, she’s gonna be fine in Utah and going to keep #bautizandoelmundo :)) I’m seriously so grateful that we were able to be companions for these past 4 months, I’ve learned so much about faith and seen so many miracles with Hermana Clark!

Bautismo de Fernanda
Bautismo de Fernanda
Bautismo de Fernanda
Our district. There’s a senior couple in the office now and they’re part of our district!
Zona Magdalena
We ate Cuy this week! (guinea pig)
Zona Magdalena P-Day
Baptism of Fernanda
Baptism of Fernanda
Hermana Clarks last day at church. with Obispo Aldea
Noche de Hogar with our ward. (Did I ever tell y’all that this is the best ward ever? #barriobolivar)
Hermanas Clark, Erickson, Mendieta y Ramirez
Hermanas Clark and Erickson at the Lima Temple
Cuy (Guinea Pig)

Christmas Conversation and Report

Editor’s Note: As a family, we were able to Skype with Hermana Erickson on Christmas Day. Forty minutes goes by so fast! There are so many expectations and hopes packed into the twice-yearly calls with your missionary and 40 minutes barely scratches the surface. To have a few minutes for each family member to spend with a daughter/sister. That said, our Hermana Erickson is doing so very well, practically glowing and overflowing with enthusiasm for missionary work, The Book of Mormon, the people she teaches and with whom she serves. [See below for a report of her Christmas Week.]

We were busy talking and only got one photo of Hermana Erickson, taking a photo of us.

Hermana Erickson Report sent January 2, 2018:

Diego got baptized!!!! On the 23rd. I promise he was happy about it even if he’s not smiling in the pictures :) He’s one of the most prepared people we’ve ever taught and is so great at sharing the gospel and contacting people in the street!

Here Christmas is really the 24th, everyone is together as families and they eat dinner at midnight and set off fireworks! So the 25th wasn’t really anything, just a holiday, but the 24th is when they all celebrated. We just got to visit a lot of out converts and investigators and read the Christmas story with them in the Bible and the profecias in The Book of Mormon.

Diego’s Baptism
Hermana’s Clark, Erickson, Alfonso, Diego
Christmas 2017. Young Single Adults (YSA) or Jovenes Adultos Solteros (JAS) en español. :)
Christmas Lunch with Members and Other Hermanas
Nivia and Her Family
Christmas Eve Family Home Evening with Nora, Manuel and Diego
Christmas Eve Family Home Evening with Nora, Manuel and Diego
Christmas Eve Family Home Evening with Nora, Manuel and Diego
Christmas Eve Family Home Evening with Nora, Manuel and Diego
Christmas Eve Fireworks


Following the Savior will not Remove All of your Trials

Hola Familia:

This week was great and full of miracles (like every week, but y’all get the idea that there are lots of miracles here in Bolivar). Here are this week’s highlights:

  • Ten investigators came to church yesterday! Woohoo! We were only expecting seven and turned around after the sacrament and three more people had shown up :)
  • Zone service project at the hospital. It was super fun. Fun fact: I have yet to see a lawnmower here in Lima, most people just use weed whackers and we used a combination of shovels, pickaxes, and bush trimming shears to cut grass and clean up the gardens.
  • Interviews with Presidente Larson
  • I got to accompany another Hermana to the dentist because she broke her tooth in half. Another fun fact: Here in Lima people just have random dentist offices in their houses so thats cool.
  • See the picture below of the funny message we received from our investigator Diego! He was contacting people in the street with Light the World pass-along cards. :)

Spiritual Thought: In church yesterday someone was talking about President Uchtdorf’s talk from the most recent conference and I really liked this:

“…following the Savior will not remove all of your trials. However, it will remove the barriers between you and the help your Heavenly Father wants to give you. God will be with you. He will direct your steps. He will walk beside you and even carry you when your need is greatest.”

– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We see this every day here in the mission, we spend all day inviting people to come unto Christ and it is incredible to see the changes people make in their lives to be able to do that, and the strength and help they recieve from God through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon.

Our investigator, Diego, sent us this message. #ihopetheycallmeonamission
Work hard and rest when you can!

2 Robberies, 2 Baptisms and 3 Capillas

This week Jesus got baptized! Best day ever!
His conversion story is way crazy (starts when he was walking his dogs and we talked to him in the street, involves 2 robberies, 2 baptisms and 3 capillas in one day, all the YSA/JAS (Young Single Adults/Jovenes Adultos Solteros) in the ward, and the Book of Mormon) but he’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever been able to teach. His testimony of the gospel, of the Book of Mormon, and of prayer is such an example to me.
Jesus always says that you feel the spirit in people’s smiles. It’s the truth. And being a missionary is the happiest thing on earth. We’re just smiling non-stop because our ward members are the best (they bring our investigators to church), the people we teach are progressing, and its almost December and people are  all excited to talk about Jesus Christ. Other than that, we’re still so crazy blessed every day here in Bolivar. The people here are the best. I love being a missionary.

I’m so excited for the Christmas initiative of the church! #illuminaelmundo #lighttheworld

(Light the world! Check out the video on and get ready to serve people every day of December until Christmas!!)
(Also, shoutout to Jesus because he said he looked up my blog this week and read it so…)
Anyways, enjoy the photos!
-Hermana Erickson
Editor’s Note: Whoa! You can’t just drop “…2 robberies, 2 baptisms and 3 capillas…” and not explain…
One week later…

The first day we taught him (Jesus), we invited him to a baptism (de Nora). From there he met the JAS (YSA) and went to the institute building with them and also a party in the other chapel, and then they all came back because we had the surprise baptism of Juliana.

Then he was really busy and we could never teach him but he was best friends with the JAS and then he got robbed 2x in one day which made him realize the need to humble himself and trust in God. That day he called us and was like, “Hermanas, quiero ser Mormón/Sisters, I want to be Mormon”.
He’s the best. He recieved the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and was crying he was so happy. 
Hermanas Erickson and Clark, Jesus, Alonso Bullon, who is going on his mission to Medellín, Colombia. He’s homies with Jesus and also was the person who baptized Nora which was the first baptism Jesus went to, so he chose Alonso to baptize him. Also, it was Alonso’s birthday. Craziness.
Hnas Erickson y Clark, Jesus’Mother, Jesus
Hnas Erickson y Clark, Jesus + Manuel (without mustache), Manuel’s dad (with mustache) who performed the baptism. “It was the sweetest moment ever…” The other Hermanas from the ward.
The YSA from the Ward
Selfie with Jesus
Pie for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Dinner
Hermana Katty. “I love her.”
Family Home Evening. Notice Stitch the Dog.
Zone Photo
Our District. Us plus the office Elders.

Super Quick

Highlights of the week:

I hit my 9 month mark. Not sure when all that time passed but it’s gone by super quickly. I’m so happy to have spent the past 9 months here in Peru serving the Lord and sharing the restored gospel :)

INTERCAMBIOS: I got to be companions with Hermana Machuruti (my trainer) again! She’s one of my favorite people ever. It was so much fun. (see pic)

There was a dog running around sacrament meeting. It’s a peruvian dog (picture attached) and it’s name is Stitch which kills me because it looks like an alien. (Side Note: Peruvian dogs all look like this but there are dogs of all sizes just all bald and creepy looking. Also people say that they can cure cancer…? No se.)

Multizone conference: We had a mini Thanksgiving feast.

This week I read the story of Alma the Younger. It’s always been one of my favorites. I love that thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can change. Alma was one of the vilest of sinners but afterwards you can see such a great change. Its incredible to see this change in all the people we are teaching!!!

Mosiah 27.

36 Y así fueron instrumentos en las manos de Dios para llevar a muchos al conocimiento de la verdad, sí, al conocimiento de su Redentor.

37 ¡Y cuán benditos son! Pues publicaron la paz; proclamaron gratas nuevas del bien; y declararon al pueblo que el Señor reina.

Stitch attending Sacrament Meeting. Maybe curing cancer.
9 Month Mark!
Intercambios #1
Intercambios #2
Companions with Hna. Macharuti again!
La Huaca de Miraflores
Con Hna. Clark
Con Hna. Macharuti

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