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Joy is Possible

Joke of the week:

¿Que le dijo una pera a otra pera?


HAHAHAHAHA. Puns are even better in Spanish! Hermana Machuruti told me that joke the other day and I cracked up for about 5 minutes.

This week I went to the immigration offices and received my foreign residence card so now I’m super official and can stay in Peru!

This week the weather was crazy and one day it was drizzling all day, which was interesting. If you can imagine the lightest rain possible while there is water still falling from the sky, that’s what it was. Also, it was not super hot but people were legit decked out in coats and scarves and sweaters while my companion and I were still rocking short sleeves. Interesting.

Our ward mission leader helped us put together an activity this week to which we invited our investigators. We played the simplest games – like hot potato and fruit basket – but it was so much fun and some of our investigators came and got to know some people from the church so it was good. They have a rule where if you get out 3 times, you have to do some sort of punishment such as sing a song in front of everyone or dance. I will never forget our recent convert Gustavo dancing like a chicken in the middle of the room, it was the funniest thing.

This week I love 2 Nephi 10:20, 23-24. It’s so great to remember that because of Jesus Christ, who is central to God’s plan for us, we can have happiness and be cheerful in this life! It’s so great that we are free to choose eternal life and every day can make choices to bring us closer to the Savior, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share this plan of happiness with people every single day.

I have a lot of photos to send and will do so possibly later, but this computer is from the stone age so it might not happen. Thanks for the patience, Love you all!

Pizza de Peru
Hermana Meroy y Hermana Erickson
Hermana Erickson y Hermana Machuruti at Cerro de San Cristobal
What I’m Reading
We Eat Empanadas Nearly Every Night
View of Lima from Cerro San Cristobal
Using Church Magazines as Art
The Liahona has pages specific to NW South America, and they had an article about HEFY who I came to Peru with in 2015

First Impressions






HOLA amigos!! (regarding the subject: our teacher told us thats how you say GET HYPED in Spanish and we use it all the time. Its my new favorite Spanish word)
Well, Ive officially been here at the CCM for a whole week! How crazy is that!!! But honestly Im so stoked and I LOVE it here. The CCM rocks, but this keyboard does not, so forgive my errors until I can figure it out. Thanks 🙂 But for real, every day here is so happy. We get to learn Spanish and teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how to love people like God does.
The first couple days felt so long but other than that, every day here has been awesome. Best part of my week was getting my missionary tag last Wednesday. Im super official now and so so so excited to be a representative of Jesus Christ and testify of him and his gospel every day!! Our first night here, one of the Hermanas told us not to worry about the language or teaching or anything else because Ive had the desire to go on a mission for so long and had my missionary tag in my heart, and now I get to have it for real. Its the best.
My companion is Hermama Shupe from Missouri. Shes got like 20 goats and some chickens and horses and stuff at home so she always tell us stories about her crazy animals. Shes also going to the Lima Central mission (along with one other Hermana and one other Elder in our district)! Our district is so great. All of the elders are 100 percent jokers and we have so much fun every day. We play soccer every day as well. The missionaries from south america are so good and the rest of us are just jokers but we make it work. Its SO HOT here so I am definitely thankful for AC in the CCM!
Also, I have never eaten so much rice in my life. OH my goodness. todos los dias. We basically always have rice and chicken for lunch and dinner. Its pretty great. So far, Spanish is going well. Im doing alright at it and definitely have a long way to go. Every day, we practice teaching an investigator (its really just our teacher) and the whole thing is in Spanish. Its so hard but we learn a lot. I love my teachers! They are great at teaching and even better at testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel and how the gift of tongues is real and bring the spirit to our lessons so strongly.
Today, we got to go to the temple! What a beautiful place. P-day is a good break from all day classes but we still have to teach tonight. In Spanish of course. Should be interesting.
Anyways, the church is true and I love it! The spirit is so strong here at the CCM and I love learning from everyones testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Love you all!
Hermana Erickson
My Companion, Hermana Shupe
My Companion, Hermana Shupe
Entrance to the CCM
Entrance to the CCM
Lima LDS Temple with Flag of Peru
Lima LDS Temple with Flag of Peru
My District in front of the Temple
My District in front of the Temple
Chicken and Rice All Day, Every Day
Chicken and Rice All Day, Every Day
I have officially survived wearing close toed shoes for 7 days in a row
I have officially survived wearing close-toed shoes for 7 days in a row

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