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We Are So Blessed Here

This week was incredible! I think every week I say that we are seeing SO MANY MIRACLES but it’s true, especially these past few days. #blessed

Our district leader called us and was like “What are you guys doing to find so many people to teach?” and the answer is “Nothing”. Investigators are just falling from the sky, people (members, investigators, other people) are just calling us every day saying they have friends who they want us to meet and who want to hear about the gospel. So we go and teach them and their families and they’re all so cool.

Something interesting is that most of the people we are teaching are young adults. They’re searching for some sort of direction in their lives and when they hear the message of the restoration, something just interests them and helps fill what they’re looking for. And then they’re all so open to sharing the gospel with their friends and bring them to church and change their lives. I was always scared to talk to the young adults because they’re like our same age and I was just always really uncomfortable but it’s crazy how prepared they are for the gospel. Also, the young adults of our ward are incredible and immediately are bffs with all our investigators and they go to institute together and everything.

Por ejemplo: Jesus is this kid we talked to in the street and he accepted that we could visit him a few days later. He was always really busy and traveling for work. but we’ve been praying for him and turns out his job changed so now he’s got more time and can come to church and go to institute with the other jovenes from our ward. Also, he had a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon, but the other day, after not hearing from him for like a week, he just called us and said “Hermanas, quiero ser Mormón.” WHAT?? He says he’s seen such a difference in his friends from the church and wants to be a part of that light they have.

Also Milagro: We just ran into her one day, she accepted the Joseph Smith story and came to church the next day and then presented us to her friend also. It’s incredible.

We are so blessed here.

With all the youth we are teaching, it’s cool to see what they need and what touches their hearts. This week we watched a video with lots of them: The Light of Christ.

I love it. I know we can find hope when we humble ourselves sufficiently to let the light of Christ into our lives and start to change us. It’s not going to be easy or immediate, but its worth it and I’m so thankful for the Savior’s atonement and the example of all these great people we are teaching these past couple days. :)


I Can Be A Better Person

Happy Halloween! In place of pumpkins we carved granadillas today, I think it was a pretty solid substitute. Also, nobody celebrates halloween here so it’s okay.

This week Nora and Juliana got confirmed! Yay! We also have been teaching a new investigator, Jesus who’s super cool. The best lesson was when we went to Nora’s house and were talking about the Book of Mormon, and Nora just whips out her copy (we met her like a month ago and she’s already in Alma and has highlighted all the parts she likes which is basically the whole book) and starts talking about how the Book of Mormon helped her take the decision to be baptized. She then read her favorite scripture about baptism in Mosiah 26:15-24 and the spirit was so strong. Such a good experience.

Actually, we find people everyday who are SO prepared for the gospel. It’s incredible how many people are looking for something and are so excited to hear about how the truth was restored through Joseph Smith. God is so good. I love this area :)

This week I was studying the atonement and did a little experiment. I read about Christ’s sacrifice in the gospels (New Testament) and then in the Book of Mormon. It really surprised me that everything I feel like I understand about the atonement (what Christ did and why he did it for us) comes from the Book of Mormon, The Bible is great and is definitely the word of God but I love the BOM so much, it helps me come closer to Christ. While reading in the Bible, it says a little about what happened in the garden of Gethsemane and when Jesus died on the cross, but while reading the Book of Mormon, I really felt like He suffered for me individually and thanks to his sacrifice, I can be a better person. (check out Alma 7:11-13, Mosiah 3:5-11, 2 Nephi 26: 23-28).

I’m so grateful for the Savior’s sacrifice and for the chance to share his restored gospel with everyone here in my little area of Bolivar of Lima Peru!!



Selfie with the Census Lady
Zone Sports Day

The Book of Mormon: Read It
Happy Halloween!

Seriously, Happy Halloween!

So So So Cool

This week was so so so cool.

This past Tuesday were transfers and Hermana Clark and I are sticking around here in Bolivar :) Yay!!

We went to help at the training of the new missionaries and it was really fun, we just explained what we do as sister training leaders and got to meet them.

Saturday we had planned the baptism of Nora and Juliana at 5:00 PM. Nora is the best, so we went to get Juliana at 4:30 and she wasn’t at her house! Her mom was like, “Yeah, she went to work, and I don’t know when she’ll be back.” So we didn’t know what to do and we didn’t have any credit on our cell phone to call, so we knocked on the neighbor’s doors to use their phone but she didn’t answer and we were late so we had to go to the church. We show up and Nora’s there with a bunch of members, everything was ready and she was so excited. She’s the cutest lady who’s been searching for the truth for a long time and has been a Jehovah’s Witness for the past 17 years, (I think I already told y’all how we found her by knocking on her door). Anyways, she has such a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith was a Prophet and she got baptized and came out of the water crying she was so happy.

After the baptism, we went to see if Juliana was home, she wasn’t, so we went to work normally, we were looking for one of our investigators and the neighbor answered the door because she wasn’t home, and she let us in for a little bit. Right then, Juliana called us and said she finished her work and was heading for the church! The random lady we were with let us borrow her phone to call the bishop and we were like “Hey, we’re going to have a baptism in 15 minutes, can you come to the church?” This ward is seriously incredible, by the time we got to the church there’s like 12 people, the bishop, someone with a talk prepared. It was a miracle! So Juliana was able to get baptized and was super happy, too! She’s had a ton of problems in her life and it’s crazy to see the change she’s had with the gospel in her life.

Hermana’s Clark y Erickson con Nora
Nora’s Baptism

Juliana con Hermana’s Clark y Erickson
The Fifteen Minute Baptism

It’ll Make You Happier

This week was cool, we were supposed to have a zone meeting on Tuesday but it got cancelled last minute so we had 2.5 hours to knock doors and ended up meeting some of the coolest people who are super prepared for the gospel.

On thursday Gianella got baptized! Her friend, who is going on a mission soon introduced her to the church and she’s the best. She is so willing to do whatever the Lord asks and keep all the commandments and just loves the Book of Mormon and is seriously an example to me. It’s been hard because her family didn’t really want her to get baptized but she just told us that she knew it was true and she knew she had to go through with it.

Friday we had a multizone conference with Presidente and Hermana Larson and I learned a lot. Then Hermana Kilpack ended up coming to stay with us again for this weekend and it’s so crack up. She’s new in the mission and was staying with us before and basically its just a party all the time because she and Hermana Clark are super funny.

General Conference was the best, the members helped us again with the bus van to pick up everyone to go to the stake center to watch it. We were able to watch it in English and it is so powerful to be able to listen to prophets and apostles testify of Jesus christ. I loved Elder Nelsons talk about the Book of Mormon; it really is the word of God and has the answerrs that we need. I’ve seen so many times in my life and in the lives of the people we teach that we can find answers to our questions and our lives improve when we read the Book of Mormon every day.

(If you didnt get to watch conf, check out and give it a listen, I promise it’ll make you happier :))

Zone Activity: Contacting with The Book of Mormon
The baptismal font doesn’t drain well and leaves dirt in the bottom, so we have to clean it.
(L-to-R) Hermana Erickson, Gianella, Hermana Clark
Gianella’s Baptism
Gianella’s Baptism
Gianella’s Baptism
P-day at the Beach
Las Hermanas a la Playa
La Playa de Lima

A Little Better Everyday

I didn’t know it was possible to have so many meetings in one week but it’s something I learned….

Okay, totally worth it though, because we had the coolest meeting ever on Wednesday. Elder Montoya, Elder Robbins, Bishop Caussé, and Elder Oaks came to visit the mission and we got to hear from all of them! We went to the chapel next to the MTC (it is outside the mission boundaries but only like an hour and a half away) and joined 2 other lima missions, 550 missionaries in total. It was a huge deal and we got to shake all their hands and it was way exciting. My favorite part was when Bishop Caussé stated that the atonement isn’t just for unworthy people to become worthy, but also for worthy people to become perfect. And when we get a little bit better every day, when we feel overwhelmed but feel that God loves us, or when we don’t speak Spanish well but can improve, the atonement is working in our lives. I loved those examples because they’re things I’ve definitely felt here on the mission. I’m learning to rely more on Jesus Christ and help other people do the same.
Also, Juan got baptized! It was an adventure trying to fill the font Saturday morning but after cleaning it with a broom and the Bishop picking the lock with a paperclip to access the faucet, it all worked out. Juan is super funny and his face is always so serious but he’s actually really happy and was so ready to get baptized.
The biggest challenge this week is that no one’s family wants them to get baptized so it’s super rough, but we are praying a lot for Gianella and Cristina so they can progress and get baptized soon.

Las Hermanas de Palao

La Zona. Feliz Dia de Independencia de Chile

This picture looks like we’re in a prison. Too funny.

Pick a Number

This week was loco, but they all are so I guess that shouldn’t be news to anyone.

We went to the temple with Humberto and Melissa!

We had a multi-zone conference and it was great! I got to see a bunch of the jokers from the MTC, my old companion, and people who had been in my zone before. Yay! My favorite part was a quote by Elder Anderson: Faith is a power that makes things happen that should happen¨

Faith is a power that makes things happen that should happen. – 

It’s true that people have the agency to choose what to do in their lives, but we also have the ability to help everyone remember that at some point they chose to follow Christ and that by doing so again they will be infinitely more happy in their lives.

This week we have been contacting with the Book of Mormon. Asking people to choose any number between 1 and 531 (or however many pages there are in the Book of Mormon in your language) and then asking them to read the page of the Book of Mormon of the number they chose. Every single page of that book testifies of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and it’s so powerful when the people can just read it and see that it’s the word of God. So, it’s been really cool to see that people are more interested when they can read directly from the BOM. (Missionary friends: try it out sometime, it’s way fun)

Hermana Erickson and Both Companions, Hermana Macharuti and Hermana Valencia
Humberto, Melissa, Hermana Valencia and Hermana Erickson
Family Night (Noche de Hogar) with Humberto, Melissa, Amelie, Diego, the Elders, and Maria who was baptized the same day as Humberto’s family
Learning to Break
Something’s Going to Break

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